Feeling tired All of the Time Intrusive weariness Gnawing away Usurping and constricting Exhaustion becoming. Away from each other Pressures the heart Aligned and so connected Recharged when together Taxed and worn when not. Fatigue Apart is how I feel Alas, you feel it too Calculating the days between as they Take a toll uponContinue reading “FATIGUE APART FACTS”

Of Stardust

Of Stardust What was and is and what shall be Came long before the primordial sea Dinosaurs, mammals, flowers and trees The mountains, the rivers You and me The tiniest little things to imagine Infinite particles smaller that atoms From deep within the cosmic fathom Ever adding to the stratum Of Stardust Pure and whiteContinue reading “Of Stardust”

The Breath of Life

“The Breath of Life” From birth until death It’s all just one breath And breathe we must do to survive Whether it’s fresh or it’s choking May it be provoking Inspiring and fueling your life To inhale more deeply Absorbing completely Life’s essence and all of it’s knowledge Knowing too That as you do WhatContinue reading “The Breath of Life”

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