I Fell Today

It was a day like any other

Until I fell

Not because I am clumsy or not paying attention

I just fell

I did not trip, nor did I stumble

It seemed no obstacles were in my way

Yet I fell

Sudden fear, adrenalin

The feeling of weightlessness

As I fell

Visions of pain filled my mind

Perhaps real damage

Because of my fall

I held my breath

Braced for the impact

Hoping that if I fall again it will not be this far


Photo by Lisa



One lone leaf on a tree

An hour ago there were three

A strong autumn wind flew by

Carrying one of the leaves into the sky

Soon after that another breeze blew

And carried another leaf away too

Now there’s one and only one

Quite soon now it’s time will come

To be carried away on a cool fall breeze

Then buried in snow in a frosty freeze

As it sits, it’s time grows short

Soon it will die, alone and cold


Photo by Lisa

Thoughts on Thinking

So, there I was, thinking. I’m always thinking. But, there I was, thinking, why is it that we think? What makes us think? And when we think, are we really accomplishing anything? There is just always so much more to think about!

Thought is a natural process, forever ongoing in our minds. Thoughts can be utterly random or extremely focused. Glimpses of memories, studying for exams, forming master plans, random queries, ruminations and what ifs. In turn, all of these thoughts create feelings. Happiness, regret, sadness, despair, excitement, anticipation, curiosity, love, hate; only felt through thinking.

Can you remember a time when you weren’t thinking? You cannot. We are self aware through thought. We are individual and unique because of thought. This consciousness give us purpose. We think, therefore we are, and if we are, then we must prevail. Thinking gives us the ability to do so.

Now, what of dreams and thoughts? Dreams are thoughts. Subconscious manifestations of the psyche. For even in sleep our minds are at work. Sorting and compiling all of the thinking and all of the feelings.

New thoughts constantly in creation with the pondering of old thoughts. Thinking inspires new feelings, new dreams.

My question now, why would anyone NOT want to think?


Just want to introduce myself. Please bear with me as I try to figure all of this out…I’ve been figuring, literally, for a bit of time now about this and that. Mostly I have been rather timid about getting my thoughts and writings out and about. I never had support from anyone for my art, especially my writing. The people in my life have never really understood…me…I am the weirdo! So after many years of searching and coming to dead ends, here I am, looking for other “weirdos” with similar interests. I was never a good student academically, but I do love to learn. Literature, music, philosophy, sociology, history, art of any type, any and all science, medicine, technology, nature…My list of interests is long.
Thanks for stopping by.
I look forward to exploring this great new world.
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