Black Friday

Could I be too cynicalIn being so criticalOf a world politicalAnd thus paralyticalIt is unforgivableFar too many imbecilesWhose acts are despicableYet sadly predictableAre held unaccountableSuch crimes insurmountableAnd never rescindableHave we reached the pinnacleThe answer equivocalIs apocalyptical ******************************** Lisa C Bassignani 2020

Artificial Intelligence

I cannot apologize for the fact that my natural body suffers and reacts adversely to the man made environment in which we are forced to live. Light, noise and odors, chemicals, dyes and petroleum pollution. Humans are becoming increasingly desensitized to nature and instead thrive on these “new and improved [solutions] to a better andContinue reading “Artificial Intelligence”

Thoughts on Thinking

So, there I was, thinking. I’m always thinking. But, there I was, thinking, why is it that we think? What makes us think? And when we think, are we really accomplishing anything? There is just always so much more to think about! Thought is a natural process, forever ongoing in our minds. Thoughts can beContinue reading “Thoughts on Thinking”

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