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When that spectrum of light starts zig-zagging bright in and out of my sight I worry it might soon lead to a night

Of pain like no other, where no relief can be offered. So all of my strength I need to muster as I know what’s in store. I will suffer

It could be a minute. It could last all night. I could be well in a day or have I may have to fight

The agony peaks just as I sleep. A pain so intense, so horribly deep

Cruel and subduing, sometimes I vomit. Crying is useless with no energy for it

Behind my right eyeball is the point of convergence

A small little prick that grows with an insane insurgence

Radiating throughout one side of my skull. A pain that seems only death can quell

More exhausting than just a lack of sleep

No sleep with such pain can drive one to grief

This one has been long, especially so. I remember that first twinge one month ago.

There isn’t a verdict on why they appear, or why they happen every five or ten years

Perhaps the environment, pollution or stress. It could be hormonal or some other duress

I’ve had quite a few in the last 30 years and I am thankful that most have been brief with few tears

There have about six that I won’t soon forget, lasting a month or more. This one’s been the worst for along with the pain, I couldn’t help but to think there was something wrong with my brain

I was seeing double. The pain wouldn’t stop. Nauseous, unsteady, really quite off.

Was it a tumor, a stroke or maybe glaucoma? 

Nope, nope and nope. Everything’s normal.

The tests are all clean. With nothing to show. The scans my of head were quite beautiful

No growths and no lesions, no bleeds and no swelling. No worms or amoebas not a thing at all telling

No little man with an ice pick and hammer pounding away at the base of my sanity

Nothing but luck again on my side. A lottery winner for the great prize

Of cluster headaches, the worst of them all. A migraine is nothing compared to this thrall

Less than 1% will suffer this trauma. Lucky am I to hold this honor.


Published by Lisa C Bassignani


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