A Moment In All Moments

The cacophony was sudden

Overwhelming and defined

A white, hot bolt of lightening

Transcending me through time

It struck whilst I was driving

A pain from left left to right

Did, indeed,

shoot through my head

But there was no fright

For what I saw before me

Was everything that is

And everything that was before

and everything to be

Time in all dimensions

As I drove along

Realizing, as I did,

my vision was not wrong

Clutching firmly to the steering


I drove on up the hill

Entering each of those realms

For in each, I was instilled

To be another me of me

Yet each one the same as I

A kaleidoscope so infinite

Seen through a million eyes

At last I reached the apex

The road before, just that

Lazily I took the plunge

My senses keen, relaxed

I made it to the store and home

In this dimension that I know

Where everything is just as I

Remember from before

And now I sit and wonder

The evening soft and low

In all of those other lives

Just where did I go?

Published by Lisa C Bassignani

Human.....I think..?

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