When, Now, Then

Once, when I was,

there was no other cause

For things were as they should be

Yet lately I’ve known

of another home

That keeps calling to me

It is somewhere close

but far from here

Tugging at my core

Tho the grass is not greener

I am a believer

For I have seen this place before

And now that I am

a new cause is at hand,

That things be as they should

I haven’t changed

I’m just rearranged

In a way that makes me feel good

Tho this home that I seek

is just out of reach

So soon the time will fly

The day draws ever nearer

the call ever clearer

Of where I am going

and why

Then, when I am

at the start once again

A full circle will be made

The sphere of my life

complete and precise

All things being as they should

Published by Lisa C Bassignani

Human.....I think..?

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