A Story III

Hiram had traveled long and far. He was growing weary. A wise and powerful visionary and seer, he too had been searching. He had seen the world through many eyes. Eyes wide open that could never un-see. Sights of great joys and of greater sorrows forever stored as detailed files in his vast memory. From his very early years, Hiram knew he was born to be witness to and to bear the weight of the universe. As it was his calling, he was always drawn to where he was needed. At times the burdens were awkward and heavy, yet he carried each load with determination, style and ease.

It was Hiram who sent the men to find the Light. It was She whom he had been searching for. Hiram had glimpsed the Light many years before. He saw the brilliant glow that she held within and sensed the power of it’s source. Yet he knew that the Light was not ready to be revealed to the world at that time. Much work was still to be done and Hiram had to follow his destiny.

For many years Hiram watched the Light from afar to ensure her safety. Wherever Hiram’s journeys took him, he never lost sight of the Light. Though his path to her through the cosmos, over time, grew farther and the Light grew more dim, in his mind’s eye her vision burned ever brightly. It was that vision that he summoned in his darkest hours. And now that darkness was growing again. Hiram could feel the urgency and he knew that there was not much time. He would find the Light. He would at last set Her free. He only hoped that he wasn’t too late.

Published by Lisa C Bassignani

Human.....I think..?

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