Artificial Intelligence

I cannot apologize for the fact that my natural body suffers and reacts adversely to the man made environment in which we are forced to live. Light, noise and odors, chemicals, dyes and petroleum pollution. Humans are becoming increasingly desensitized to nature and instead thrive on these “new and improved [solutions] to a better and happier life.”

Household cleaners, health and beauty products and our food, water and air are filled with artificial something or other. People don’t sleep, indulge in junk food and diet soft drinks. There is a drug for every ailment. Obesity, diabetes, acne, immune disorders, hormonal dysfunction, depression and cancer could all be lessened and in some cases avoided if these pollutants were eliminated and we all lived a more natural lifestyle.

I have forever been ridiculed by family and peers and viewed as difficult by doctors because of my sensitivities. Science and invention are amazing and beneficial to us all, but I believe that our early ancestors knew best about a lot of things “human.”  Things that modern man has forgotten.

This is my body. We have known each other a long time. We know when something is physically or mentally harming us.  We know when We are unwell.

Do not judge me.

Do not say that I am abnormal. 

Do not roll your eyes at my discomfort.

Do not compare me to The Princess and the Pea.

I am natural being trapped in an increasingly unnatural world.

It hurts.




Published by Lisa C Bassignani

Human.....I think..?

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