Feeling tired

All of the


Intrusive weariness

Gnawing away

Usurping and constricting

Exhaustion becoming.

Away from each other

Pressures the heart

Aligned and so connected

Recharged when together

Taxed and worn when not.

Fatigue Apart is how I feel

Alas, you feel it too

Calculating the days between as they

Take a toll upon


A Perfect World

In a perfect world

there would be you and I

Eating oysters and cherry pie

Living, loving, side by side

Holding hands as we watch the tide

In a perfect world

there will always be

A spot beneath a shady tree

Where you and I could sit and talk

And never have to watch the clock

Never would we have to wait

To see each other’s smiling face

To hold each other dear and true

As we were ever meant to do

in a perfect world

A Story III

Hiram had traveled long and far. He was growing weary. A wise and powerful visionary and seer, he too had been searching. He had seen the world through many eyes. Eyes wide open that could never un-see. Sights of great joys and of greater sorrows forever stored as detailed files in his vast memory. From his very early years, Hiram knew he was born to be witness to and to bear the weight of the universe. As it was his calling, he was always drawn to where he was needed. At times the burdens were awkward and heavy, yet he carried each load with determination, style and ease.

It was Hiram who sent the men to find the Light. It was She whom he had been searching for. Hiram had glimpsed the Light many years before. He saw the brilliant glow that she held within and sensed the power of it’s source. Yet he knew that the Light was not ready to be revealed to the world at that time. Much work was still to be done and Hiram had to follow his destiny.

For many years Hiram watched the Light from afar to ensure her safety. Wherever Hiram’s journeys took him, he never lost sight of the Light. Though his path to her through the cosmos, over time, grew farther and the Light grew more dim, in his mind’s eye her vision burned ever brightly. It was that vision that he summoned in his darkest hours. And now that darkness was growing again. Hiram could feel the urgency and he knew that there was not much time. He would find the Light. He would at last set Her free. He only hoped that he wasn’t too late.

Black Friday

Could I be too cynical
In being so critical
Of a world political
And thus paralytical
It is unforgivable
Far too many imbeciles
Whose acts are despicable
Yet sadly predictable
Are held unaccountable
Such crimes insurmountable
And never rescindable
Have we reached the pinnacle
The answer equivocal
Is apocalyptical


Lisa C Bassignani


Artificial Intelligence

I cannot apologize for the fact that my natural body suffers and reacts adversely to the man made environment in which we are forced to live. Light, noise and odors, chemicals, dyes and petroleum pollution. Humans are becoming increasingly desensitized to nature and instead thrive on these “new and improved [solutions] to a better and happier life.”

Household cleaners, health and beauty products and our food, water and air are filled with artificial something or other. People don’t sleep, indulge in junk food and diet soft drinks. There is a drug for every ailment. Obesity, diabetes, acne, immune disorders, hormonal dysfunction, depression and cancer could all be lessened and in some cases avoided if these pollutants were eliminated and we all lived a more natural lifestyle.

I have forever been ridiculed by family and peers and viewed as difficult by doctors because of my sensitivities. Science and invention are amazing and beneficial to us all, but I believe that our early ancestors knew best about a lot of things “human.”  Things that modern man has forgotten.

This is my body. We have known each other a long time. We know when something is physically or mentally harming us.  We know when We are unwell.

Do not judge me.

Do not say that I am abnormal. 

Do not roll your eyes at my discomfort.

Do not compare me to The Princess and the Pea.

I am natural being trapped in an increasingly unnatural world.

It hurts.




Of Stardust

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

Of Stardust

What was and is and what shall be

Came long before the primordial sea

Dinosaurs, mammals, flowers and trees

The mountains, the rivers

You and me

The tiniest little things to imagine

Infinite particles smaller that atoms

From deep within the cosmic fathom

Ever adding to the stratum

Of Stardust

Pure and white

Of Stardust

Energy, life

Of Stardust

Are the seeds

The seeds of which

All worlds do feed

From time before and time beyond

Re-used, recycled, wending ’round

Forever Stardust will abound

Stardust floating, Stardust free

Stardust within you and me

Stardust in all things we see

Within Stardust lies the key

Of Stardust

Pure and white

Of Stardust

Energy, life

Of Stardust

Are the seeds

The seeds of which

All worlds do feed


Lisa C. Bassignani


The Breath of Life

“The Breath of Life”

From birth until death

It’s all just one breath

And breathe we must do to survive

Whether it’s fresh or it’s choking

May it be provoking

Inspiring and fueling your life

To inhale more deeply

Absorbing completely

Life’s essence and all of it’s knowledge

Knowing too

That as you do

What you breathe in is a porridge

Each new breath

Is of many before

From the very beginning

And so evermore

So as you exhale

Know it is true

That your breath will give life to somebody new

…as of yet, untitled…

As the crimson veil of sunset

Burned into his sight

He dreamed a thousand dreams times ten

Then wished with all his might

And when he turned towards her

He could see the glow

Of every thing that he had dreamed

Just moments ago

In her eyes he saw those dreams

And knew she was the one

To dream a thousand dreams with

Under every setting sun


Lisa C Bassignani


A Pirate Named Clyde


There once was a pirate named Clyde
A scurvy sailor with a salty hide
The sea was his home
The wash and the foam
The rolling of the tide

Smart as a whip
He built his own ship
From the spoils of his plunders
No crew did he need
For they would impede
Upon his search for wonders

With a shearwater’s sight
He would sail out at night
Prowling all the best ports
Searching for treasures
And other pleasures
Mingling with the sorts

His name was well known
And most left him alone
For none dared to stir up his wrath
He’d kill ‘em all dead
Then cut off the their heads
It was best to stay clear of his path

Not a bit did he drink
His mind sharp to think
For planning his next attack
He’d get the loot
Slip away on his sloop
And ne’er would he look back

He’d outsmart ‘em all
In the spring and the fall
When cargoes were at their height
He’d leave them all fuming’
And all in confusion
As he sailed out of sight

Then one day ol’ Clyde
While watching the tide
Pondering his next move
Did spy a fair lass
With plenty of sass
And much more to prove

She led him on home
Fed him cream and warm scones
Then loved him all through the night
When morning came
She did the same
And he didn’t put up a fight

Clyde he was stricken
His pulse it did quicken
This missy was worth more than gold
She sparkled and glistened
Enraptured, she listened
To the stories that he told

This booty was more
Then he thought to score
In all his years buccaneering
But to find such a purse
Might well be a curse
So he set to engineering

He couldn’t stay
And he needed a way
To claim this urchin his prize
But she left him dizzy
His mind in a tizzy
Such feelings he could not surmise

A cut throat like he
Should put out to sea
And yet she made him linger
She had a way
Of making him stay
By lifting just one finger

Then late one night
The moon shining bright
He hatched the most clever plan
He’d whisk her away
The very next day
And set course for Yucatan

But when morning came
He found his dame
Puking and pacing about
Ain’t no one was leavin’
And this was the reason
She pointed at her bloat

He’d filled her with semen
Most every evenin’
And now she was starting to show
A bun in the oven
From all that lovin’
A little Clyde starting to grow

He swore with his heart
They never would part
And that he’d not pillage again
Now Clyde is a dad
Which isn’t so bad
And he now has a crew of ten


Lisa C Bassignani


A Walk in the Clouds

A Walk in the Clouds

Take a walk amongst the clouds

Then slowly lose your way

Float freely there in weightlessness

Then drift far away

Ride aloft upon the wind

Let yourself be taken

Mix and morph and be reshaped

Disperse and reawaken

Observe the sunlight shining through

Each vapor drop a prism

Tiny vibrant rainbow orbs

The beauty of true synergism

Allow yourself the luxury

To visit as you may

For just a brief walk in the clouds

Can set you on your way

The clouds can take you anywhere

You can be anything

The visit could be high and quick

Or low and lingering

Alto, cirrus, cumulus

Stratus, asperitas

Noctilucent, mesospheric

Nimbus and mammatus

Fractus, humilis

Nacreous and fog

A fresh and clean perspective

From ground ozone and smog

Take a walk amongst the clouds

Let yourself unwind

Take a walk amongst the clouds

And leave your cares behind


lcb 2020

Photo by Lisa

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