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Tomorrow’s Headlines

The page is blank before us

Yesterday is old news

Tomorrow’s headlines are written today

It’s up to us to choose

The stories that we wish to be

Remembered of our time

What story will you tell the world

About a day in life

Will it be a sad one or one filled with glee

Or perhaps a bit of wonder and curiously

What mark will you leave today

Upon this empty page

What stories for tomorrow will you create today

The page is blank before us

Yesterday is old news

Tomorrow’s headlines are written today

It’s up to us to choose

Do You?

Do you believe that Fate is kind

Do you believe that Destiny is blind

Do you believe that there is a soul

Do you believe there is a goal

Do you believe that there is a chance

Do you believe in circumstance

Do you believe that there is choice

Do you believe that you have a voice

Do you believe in who you are

Do you believe that there is more

Do you believe in what you dream

Do you believe in what you have seen

Do you believe in what you feel

Do you believe just to believe

Do you believe without a doubt

Do you believe or do you hold out

Train in the Rain

Was it goodbye that you said that day on the train

As you stepped onto the platform and into the rain

I couldn’t hear you above the din

Of people rushing out and it

I watched you turn up your collar

And square off your shoulders

And you soon blended in with the other travelers

The train started moving

There was no going back

My thoughts then did wander

Of my life down the tracks

One without you. One on my own

A life all brand new

And full of unknowns

The rain on the window matched the tears in my eyes

It seemed the world cried along with me

When you said good bye

I didn’t see it coming

There was never any sign

Never any indication

That you would leave me blind

What was it that made you leave

Why did you have to go

If you have found someone else

Why not tell me so

The hurt is worse, an aching curse

That I may never know

Goodbyes are never easy

Goodbyes are never sweet

Goodbye means that someone’s leaving

Someone who may never return

Goodbyes are never easy

Whether sudden or over time

Goodbyes will always feel like the end



I rode the train and watched the rain

Until my eyes did dry

Tho the day was still stormy and gray

I had to move on with my life

I knew it would be difficult

That there would be more tears

I knew everything would be different

Without you being near

I knew that I would miss your smile

And the way you held me close

I knew that I would miss your laughter

And all your silly jokes

Was it goodbye that you said to me as you walked away

Was it a goodbye that meant forever

Or that we soon would meet again

Goodbyes are never easy

Never will they be

Goodbyes are often filled with sorrow

The way that I now feel

And tho my life will be different

Somethings will not change

I’ll ride this train as I always do

Each and every day

Back and forth from home to work

Just as I’ve always done

But on those rainy days I know

I’ll sit by the window and watch the crowds flow

With their collars turned up and their heads hung low

Watching as the world cries

The way it did when you said goodbye

Goodbyes are never easy

Goodbyes are never sweet

Goodbye means that someone’s leaving

Someone who may never return

Goodbyes are never easy

Whether sudden or over time

Goodbyes will always feel like the end




Stepping in and stepping out

Each new day that comes along

Waking up and walking round

Wondering what it’s all about

So much sorrow so much grief

In the faces of those I meet

With eyes averted passing on the streets

Ignoring all of the shame they see

But I keep dreaming

Dreaming bout tomorrow

Dreaming of a world of peace

Dreaming, dreaming bout tomorrow

Dreaming as I drift off to sleep

And when I wake

I’ll wake with a smile

I’ll carry it with me

For every mile

I’ll wear it and share it

For all to see

That a simple smile

Is all the world needs

Because I’m dreaming

Dreaming bout tomorrow

Dreaming of better days

Dreaming about a future

In a world where there is no fear

Stepping in and stepping out

Each new day that comes along

I’ll wear a smile.

I’ll keep keep believing

I’ll wear a smile

I’ll keep on dreaming

I’ll keep dreaming, dreaming of tomorrow

I’ll keep dreaming and smiling too

I’ll keep dreaming of a better world

I’ll keep dreaming, dreaming

dreaming, dreaming

I’ll keep dreaming

That the world can smile

Without fear


When that spectrum of light starts zig-zagging bright in and out of my sight I worry it might soon lead to a night

Of pain like no other, where no relief can be offered. So all of my strength I need to muster as I know what’s in store. I will suffer

It could be a minute. It could last all night. I could be well in a day or have I may have to fight

The agony peaks just as I sleep. A pain so intense, so horribly deep

Cruel and subduing, sometimes I vomit. Crying is useless with no energy for it

Behind my right eyeball is the point of convergence

A small little prick that grows with an insane insurgence

Radiating throughout one side of my skull. A pain that seems only death can quell

More exhausting than just a lack of sleep

No sleep with such pain can drive one to grief

This one has been long, especially so. I remember that first twinge one month ago.

There isn’t a verdict on why they appear, or why they happen every five or ten years

Perhaps the environment, pollution or stress. It could be hormonal or some other duress

I’ve had quite a few in the last 30 years and I am thankful that most have been brief with few tears

There have about six that I won’t soon forget, lasting a month or more. This one’s been the worst for along with the pain, I couldn’t help but to think there was something wrong with my brain

I was seeing double. The pain wouldn’t stop. Nauseous, unsteady, really quite off.

Was it a tumor, a stroke or maybe glaucoma? 

Nope, nope and nope. Everything’s normal.

The tests are all clean. With nothing to show. The scans my of head were quite beautiful

No growths and no lesions, no bleeds and no swelling. No worms or amoebas not a thing at all telling

No little man with an ice pick and hammer pounding away at the base of my sanity

Nothing but luck again on my side. A lottery winner for the great prize

Of cluster headaches, the worst of them all. A migraine is nothing compared to this thrall

Less than 1% will suffer this trauma. Lucky am I to hold this honor.

Deaf, Blind and Dumb

Words have no meaning to ears that cannot hear

Although the voice may be strong and loud

And the message very clear

The bells toll high, they ring the truth

Yet deaf ears cannot hear the proof

With eyes cast downward, none can see

The world beyond their own two feet

Although the signs have vivid hues

Sight too has become obtuse

Without hearing, without sight

Wandering through shades of night

The masses plod in ignorance

Without the thought of taking chance

Without the thought of looking up

How will they ever see

Without the thought of listening

How will they ever hear

Without the thought of thinking

How can they become

Any more than what they are

The deaf, the blind, the dumb


I walked a field of nightshades beneath the shade of night

Following the furrowed earth, my footsteps soft and light

The moon and stars to guide me

As I made my way

While the katydids and crickets 

Chirped their nighttime serenades

I walked a field of nightshades, beneath the shade of night

The tangy tartness of the air filled me with delight

Soft dew forming on the vines as the night moved on

To slowly drip back to earth with the coming dawn

I walked a field of nightshades, beneath the shade of night

Pausing every now and then to watch the silent flight

Of yellow-bellied fireflies flashing near and far

Glowing streaks that filled the night like tiny shooting stars

I walked a field of nightshades, beneath the shade of night

Following the furrowed Earth, my footsteps soft and light

On the path that leads to where you are,

Just on the other side

A walk I take most every night, one I cannot deny

As I walk this field of nightshades, beneath the shade of night

My footsteps lead me to a place that I know is right

The place that’s right, is in your arms and ever by your side

The place to which I journey now, on an even stride

Your love the guiding beacon that fills my soul with light

Across this field of nightshades, beneath the shade of night

What About Tomorrow

Naked ‘neath the blazing sun

Nowhere on Earth left to run

The air heavy with the stench of death

Gasping for another breath

Drowning in a flood of rain

Our preparations are in vain

Lakes dried up, our oceans dying

Hungry children multiplying

We keep on saying, never doing

And the truth we keep eschewing

How many more will be displaced

While a privileged few can fly to space

The user friendly world we know

Has sadly been used up

It is visible most everywhere

With every plastic cup

With every crazy cancer cluster

Around our mines and mills

The poisons in the food we eat

We all must pay the bills

Yet there are those who just don’t care

Of the harm that they instill

Upon the very ones they need

To carry out their will

Our world is shrinking every day

Yet equality is still at bay

For life, liberty and decent pay

A place in which we all have a say

A place which we can all call home

No matter where we are truly from

If mankind is to carry on

We must hurry and be done

Be done with all the corporate greed

And all the problems that it breeds

And all the egos that it feeds

When there are so many who are in need

Be done with our lust for power

For it costs us by the hour

As the crises rise and mount

Is there anyone keeping count

There are, indeed

But they go unheard

They are criticized

And called absurd

Myself included in the fold

Like others have I warned and told

That the day will soon come

When “as you know it” will be done

We cannot control what we did not make

What we have made we cannot control

We keep pushing the limits

   and scorching the planet

Turning deaf ears to her call

The power that we seek divine

Tho it is not for us to know

History repeats the tales

Of mans’ follies and his woes

As we try to trick the gods and rape

  Our Mother Earth

We will, inevitably, without a doubt

Get all that we deserve

The here is now, the now is here

Everything that we hold dear

Clean, fresh water and clean air

Alas, it is too late, I fear

Lilith and Eve

Born of the same earth

In the likeness of the maker

Adam’s first wife, Lilith

Was a mover and a shaker

Made equally as counterparts

To go forth and to prosper

Adam was content to stay

But Lilith wanted more.

Beneath the watchful eye of God

Adam lived in fear

Lilith, she had other thoughts

And made them loud and clear

She said;

“God put us here with free will.

Do not be a slave,

Do not feel guilt when you ask why

To live you must be brave.”

Adam, weak, he then implored

Upon the one whom he called lord

To persuade his female side

To see her sins and then abide.

And thus, the angels did commence

To seek of Lilith, recompense

She laughed at them and turned away

And was banished on that day.

God then took one of Adam’s ribs

And created Eve

So once again things were content

In the Garden of Eden.

Until it that seemed that Eve too

Had a curious mind

Allegedly, it was her quest for truth

That doomed all of mankind.

As Eve was made of Adam’s side

He also did indulge

And tasted the sweet bitterness

Of the world beyond.

To this day, these women are remembered

As evil and as heathens

Never earning the acceptance

To gods promised heaven.

According to the scriptures

A millennia of text

The cause of all mans’ weakness

Is because of his opposite sex.

These women were true warriors

They were not afraid

They fought for the right to be

They would not be enslaved

They fought to be equals

As they had been made

Their descendants are still fighting to this very day

The Liliths and The Eves of earth

Still fighting for their say

Still fighting for the right to be

Still fighting to be heard

Still fighting to not be property

Or something even worse